Month: August 2013

Lughnasadh Review

First off a little update: July and August were a little rough as far as meditation goes. I’ve at least lit a candle or taken a breath or 3 at my altar each day but work has really pulled me away. I’ve finished my big project at work though I can move on. The first Read More

Lughnassadh Essay

Lughnasadh or Lunasa is the first harvest of the year. The celebration of the successful unity of the land goddess and the God of the Tribe/Community. The tribe is deep within the bounty of success and near the end of summer. We have worked hard in our fields or endeavors, are seeing the results and Read More

eek update

Sorry All!!! I went on vacation for a bit and then went to check out massage schools.  (7/23 – 8/6) When I got back my server decided to be very cranky and I couldn’t log in. I will be posting my Lughnessadh essay tonight and doing the ritual review tomorrow. I’m back in the saddle! Read More