Month: July 2013

7/18 to 7/22

Really having trouble writing things down these last couple weeks. I’ve been very busy with work  but still doing my daily meditation or shavasana in yoga class. I have been feeling like an omen a day is wearing me a little thin. I’d like to move to an omen a week and see if I Read More

7/17 Journal

I completed an 8 minute meditation today, which was very fidgety due to sore muscles and twsity belly from yoga. Not bad just lots of creeks and cracks. I drew the lovers card for an Omen to be mindful of tomorrow. “Love requires surrender and surrender requires choice.” Choice mean will and hopefully that means Read More

7/15 Journal

Today I learned a lot in Yoga. We did deep twisting work and that moves your core and belly all around. My cauldron feels nice and stirred. Oh and we did it to Michael Jackson cause it was Monday. I did an 8 minute breathing meditation. This time I practiced my Ujjayi breathing, which from Read More

7/6 thru 7/14 Journal

I have been meditating between now and then I just have sucked at writing it down this week. I started up yoga again and it feels good to be moving and breathing with more awareness. (also the 5 pounds lost. woot) Between short practices during the day or Shavasana in class I feel really good Read More

7/5 Journal

I received verification today that the curricula for both schools I am considering attending out-of-state will be accepted in Utah for licensing! I also received the compliment that I am a thorough individual, who is smart and practices foresight and planning that is rare. This made me very happy to have someone in the upper Read More

7/3 Journal

5 minute breathing meditation. I had a clear thought in today’s mediation. ” Sit right. The Goddess Epona is watching you. Conduct yourself with honor.” I breathed a little deeper and imagined Epona looking at me. Seeing my sore body. Immediately the photo of an equestrian’s alignment came to mind. See all those things listed Read More

7/2 Journal

5 minute Breathing meditation. I did today’s meditation this evening. As I was reciting my oath the light if my candles caught the statue of Epona. The soft smell of my cedar incense was suddenly stronger, and the fire’s reflection in the well. I was reminded of the prayers I would say as a child, Read More

7/1 Journal

5 Minute breathing meditation.  I pulled the 2 of swords for today’s omen. I’ve tried to get into contact with BCMT about attendance and I feel the choice the two of swords represents might be wrapped up in this. I’ve often been asked that now BCMT is open again will I go there or to Read More

6/30 and Nature Mindfullness

I was finally able to get out tonight for my nature meditation. It’s been so incredibly hot recently I decided to wait for nightfall. I choose my backyard as my nature spot since it’s right out my backdoor and has the river and open space right behind it. Most of the noise of the world Read More