Month: June 2013

6/19 Journal

6 minute breathing meditation. Meditation went much easier today as far as focusing on my breath went. On the fly I chose to alter my morning ritual a little. I lit my three candles and 3 sticks of incense. I blessed my well with a little silver spoon by bringing up three spoonfuls of water Read More

6/18 Journal

6 minute breathe meditation. Omen was the Queen of Wands.  I asked with intent what the blessing my first oath and repeating it each day would bring me. I rarely ask pointed questions. It usually ” what do I need to keep in mind as I go throughout my day.” The Queen of wands is Read More

First Oath

I completed  the Self Blessing and First Oathing rite as described in the Wheel of the Year(WoTY) working guide today. I prepared my home shrine and self for the ritual. I’ve never done any ritual like this before, I felt like it was the first time I was to appear on stage. I’ve been doing Read More

DP Requirements and Plan

**This is a work in progress. As I complete the requirements the links will be added to this page. I am using The ADF Dedicant PathThrough the Wheel of the Year(Fourth Edition) A Working Guide By Rev.Michael J Dangler as a guide as of 6/17/13 __________________________________________________________ –Written discussions of the Dedicant’s understanding of each of the Read More

ADF Journal 6/16

6 minute Breathing meditation. Thinking more about relationships today at it is Father’s Day. My Father and I have a tense relationship but before I was a teenager I thought he hung the moon. I love his laugh, it’s loud and authentic. I know we are a lot a like and can both be very Read More

ADF Journal 6/15

Breathing meditation. 6 minutes. I had a learning moment today. A change in schedule had my husband V, and I, leaving the house at the same time with him giving me a ride to work. V is not pagan and has no interest in being such but he supports me and respects my practices. This Read More

ADF Journal 6/14

6 minute breathing meditation. You can always return to breath. It is accepting and non-judgmental. It doesn’t care that I just thought about my grocery list or Laundry again. Breath in. One. two. three. four.five. six. Breathe out. I feel the air fill my lungs. I hear my blood move through my body. Carbon, Oxygen. Read More

ADF Journal 6/13

Yesterday was very stressful but I did get part of a project done at work, even if it took all day for 16 items. I completed a 6 minute breath meditation but Massage School was weighing heavily on my mind. One of the schools I’m considering has some pretty heavy admission requirements, below are the Read More

ADF Journal 6/12

Short morning ritual with no meditation because I like to sleep in since I am lazy like that. 😛 Omen for the was the Princess of wands representing enthusiasm and incentive. I spent all day redesigning an inventory program for the store…while not enthusiastic about it I have incentive to get this project done as Read More

ADF Journal 6/11

It’s getting SO warm out earlier and earlier. Even a simple sitting meditation is a little too how. I sat for 6 minutes today with a breathing meditation. I did a 10 minute meditation yesterday but my mind was cantering about like a wild horse. I trimmed down the time a little and it was Read More

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