Month: June 2013

6/27 Journal

4 minute meditation. Today’s meditation was too short but I needed to get down to Salt Lake for an appointment. V and I went to a local massage school that might work for me next year. I enjoy taking him because he’s very much my logic side. He asks great questions about financing and time Read More

6/26 Journal

6 minute breathe meditation. As part of my nature awareness meditation and work I’d like to talk about the town I live in. The town of Logan was founded in 1859 by Mormon settlers sent by Brigham Young to survey for the site of a fort near the banks of the Logan River. They named Read More

6/25 Journal

I completed a 6 minute breathing meditation with repetition of oath and omens today. This week I am focusing on nature and my relationship with it. Nature or the absence of it has informed my life and my ability to connect to people. I’m sure those that know me get sick of me speaking of Read More

6/24 Journal

I completed an 8 minute breathing meditation today working in the two powers meditation as well. Today I asked the spirits for omens for each of the schools I am trying to decide on. I put forth that I’d like to know what my path would be like if I chose today on these schools.All Read More

6/23 Journal

I did my meditation rather late in the day and just before a friend came over to talk about taking over the USUPA. I decided to use my meditation time to ask the spirits about what I should keep in mind for the new leadership. I’ve been repeating my First oath before each meditation session. Read More

6/22 Journal

So after yesterday’s solstice silver find I noticed they really needed to be cleaned before I implemented them in daily use on my alter. You can’t show up with tarnished silver for the shinning ones! But nobody likes to scrub silver right? and silver polish is kinda spendy so in this house we use SCIENCE!  Read More

ADF Solitary Summer Solstice

When I went to bed last night I had a plan that I would do the Summer Solstice celebration with my friend K, this evening when she came for drinks. After a hard days work we would sit down together, as we often do for a quite little ritual and enjoy each others company. But Read More

Midsummer extended essay

“The importance of midsummer does not derive from any specific cultural tradition, but from an objective occurrence in the environment-the shift in the ratio of light to darkness- and it’s universal effects on human psychology.The human response to this is to focus on preserving and storing as much of the nourishing light as we can…” Read More

Midsummer Essay

Our ancestors paid a lot of attention to the sun because they depended on it. They were farmers and hunters. They knew that it was the longest day of the year, the longest time the sun would shine and so they honored it with flowers and herbs that grew under the warm summer rays and Read More

6/20 Journal

6 minute breath meditation. The new morning meditation I did yesterday went well again today. It feels like a nice order to things for the time being. Today’s meditation felt like the work it was meant to be. Carving out time to work on my self discipline. Sitting and focusing on my rhythmic breath and Read More

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