Month: April 2013


I received the letter on April 18th, 2013 that I will be attending the Boulder College of Massage Therapy in January 2014. A little bit like my letter to Hogwarts (or at least I’d hope) I was nearly floating off the ground. I danced with gratitude in the kitchen and my husband hugged me congratulations. Read More


I stumbled across a writing prompt that said ” We all cry for many reasons, when was the last time you cried with joy?” I cry very often out of frustration, anger, or grief. Ever since my husband deployed with the military to Iraq, nearly anything can make me cry. The first year we moved Read More

A new start

With the change of spring, so do I change. My birthday is three days away from the Spring equinox and I have always felt a little special being born when the world is awakening as well. (even before I became a witch). As I sit on the exit of my 20’s I am compelled to Read More

Whoa! She’s alive again…

So I suppose I should update this blog a little more often then once a year. Things have moved a bit for me in life recently and it’s about time I start writing things down again so that I can (1) listen to myself think (2) realize I have something good to say (3) get Read More