Month: August 2011


Why in the world do I even bother trying to awaken ‘the old ways’. What is the purpose? What is the point? My Scottish ancestors left the Lowlands in the 1830’s for Canada. My Welsh ancestors left their homeland ( literally traced back to the same county in Wales to the 1500s) in the 1850’s Read More


Seems I am waiting for the bell to strike somewhere. I can not see where to go next. Although meditating by my river does make me feel better, to hear the onward dance of the waters, to feel the sun on my face. It helps ease the hardships of mortality. Read More


What keeps me from my practice? From exploring the depths fully? It is a monster called FEAR. It stands at the gates of my heart  and bars my way with snarls and great claws. A hulking mass of unknown. When I faced the death of my love in War, I knew death was behind the Read More