Month: July 2011

Answering the question

I’ve had a difficult time meditating as I promised on the weekends. I think part of it is due to logistical reasons as it is the day I have to clean and do laundry and chores that don’t get done during the work week. I also think I’m having a difficult time answering the question Read More

Phoenix heart

And it is with the heart of a phoenix that I burn, burn, burn. pain is in the ashes, fate is in the ashes, hope is in the ashes as I am reborn again. It is a fire I light for myself when most could not strike the match but I know that I can Read More

A pagan letter

My Dear Family, I feel at this time in my life it is important to tell you some things about who I am. Mainly my spiritual beliefs, as I have now chosen to take a position that could put me in the public spotlight and it is out of love and consideration that I choose Read More

Who am I?

Who am I? I am the Rhododendron’s child, Dogwood’s daughter. My heart beats in time with the cicada’s, my blood runs with the song of crickets and summer frogs. My eyes are the color of dark kudzu, sweet poplar and pine and they twinkle with the pulse of lightning bugs. I am a child of Read More