Month: January 2011

1/22 Tarot

Card: Eight of Swords Art: A swan entangled in thorns and swords with skulls at her feet, crying out in pain and panic. Abover her a hummingbird illuminated by brightness moves thru the thorns without being touched. above and behind them a dark figure, the ruler of the thorns moves away, confident in it’s catch. Read More

1/20 Tarot

Card: Two of Wands Art: A sentry crouches with eyes fixed out towards the horizon, on a rock outcropping holding a staff with a Lion-type creature at her side. 3 cats underneath the outcropping looking up. Yellows, golds and thru the card. Impression: Calm Vigilence. Noble ruling, solid power. Book interpretation: ” She surveys the Read More


Card: The Star Art: A woman in a white dress walking on water, with large yellow carp fish below her and rising above her as she gestures to the right. a brilliant large star above her head. Blues and purples throughout the picture… Impression: I must admit I’m a bit lost on this one. there Read More

1/18 Daily Divination

1/18/11 Card: Seven of Wands Art: Pictured is a Fox, guarding her 2 kits in confrontation with a large badger, surrounded by 7 staffs of bamboo, creating a cage. Impression: something very important to the fox is being threatened. Something irreplaceable and dear. Unsure if the badger is attacking out of desire or that he Read More

New Practice

For the new year, and to improve my tarot skills I will now be posting an Tarot meditation with my new deck from Stephanie Pui-mun Law.  I seem to have desperate reading skills when it comes to the tarot so I will spend time with each card pulled each day, writing down my impressions and Read More

Ancestor Altar

I really felt I needed to set up a separate one for my family so I did! Ta DA! It lives in my office for the moment (really organizing magical space in a 2 bedroom apt should be a recognized accomplishment!!) Usually it’s been combined with my deity altar but decided to see if separating Read More