Month: July 2010


She passed away unexpectedly yesterday afternoon. She is my niece and is loved greatly. I will not be blogging for a while. Read More

Questions. (big ones)

What are we but seekers…looking for our own wholeness in a vast sea of disconnection called human existence? Is not the ultimate goal in every action and practice to heal the separated selves of our own soul, to integrate entirely. Who am I but myself? outside of woman, pagan, wife, friend, sister, daughter, grandchild, student, lab technician, cook, Read More


Last night I couldn’t sleep. I was up and down and had the worst dreams. The genreal feeling I was left with was that my shields had fallen and all the nasty stuff was getting in, that my gods and spirits couldn’t help me now. I was all alone and this monstar had to be Read More

Morning practice and Altar

Below is my altar at home. It consists of a Captain’s desk ( an antique I’m told, from a real ship) that I’ve had since I was a child and holds in it all my yummy supplies for witchy activities, like my candles, incense, oils, shawl, tarot, journal etc…and yes it smells delicious after being Read More

The World Would Be a Better Place If…

we could just get over the fact that religion is personal, not a public thing to rule the world. You can have a moral and upstanding life and not have any religion at all. It’s a falsehood that in order to be moral you must have religion. I’m a “Heathen” I don’t believe in any Read More


There is a vast and numerous ocean of pagan books out there. Navigating them for your own purposes is an immense task. I continue to look at all of them as subjective material that must be put through my own capable filter of truth before I agree or disagree with them, based on their content Read More