Month: May 2010

Spirit of place

Today I did Orion Foxwood’s “Genis loci” meditation.It is a peice of work to connect and summon the local spirit of place in form and to commune and exchange and help facilitate healing for both parties. I was not expecting the result I got at all. I opened the faery well and centered myself, washed Read More

More family witchery

On a whim, I started looking into my husband’s genealogy and he is a descendant of Rebbecca Nurse, one of the women accused of Witchcraft and sentenced to death in the Salem Witchcraft trials of 1692. She was 71 when she died on Gallows Hill and her death incited the first public dissenting opinions of Read More


The Pagan Alliance group has been reviewed by the Salt Lake City Examiner. Check it out!!!!! Read More