Month: April 2010

Of horses and faerys

You can’t hold me back. I’m an Equestrian. I’m not afraid of anything. I walk with gods, I am a team with myths. I have faced fear and jumped over it. I comfort legends and become one with them thru quite truth, honesty and a steady heart. I am a centaur. We sing together in Read More

another tattoo pic

…since I love it so…here is another picture of it more fully healed and a better picture of the placement as well. Eventually I’d love to add to it with a bigger Celtic themed piece going down to my knee but that is a ways  into the future. Read More


I very happily stumbled across the band Albannach today while listening to the Irish and Celtic Music podcast ( which I love). They are a drum and pipe band but not your grandfather’s drum and pipe band. Words really fail me to describe what they do to me….how they wake up my blood. The Scottish Read More