Month: January 2010


Deep within me is a goddess ready to be awakened and I pursue with the passion and life deserving of the Goddess that I AM. Starting tomorrow I will be doing an internet fast, a month of technological silence with no Internet or computer use at all and learning to take time to listen to Read More


I think I’ve forgot how to sing my song and I suppose it must be true there is a deepness deeper than the blue that is covering the soul, the soul that I can not find but know in the darkness it is right there beside. two strangers in one body, one soul where the Read More

a small note

*by Stephanie Pui-mun Law  “The eight of wands” Journeying towards a goal, a great undertaking, speeding to reward with hope and momentum. This mornings meditation was interesting. I sat down with Orion’s cd and did the nesting meditation…I have been doing it from memory lately but it just seemed one of those times where a Read More