Month: October 2008

my home

This is the farm i spent 7 yerars of my life on. It’s where I connected with the land, loved the summer nights and became who I really am. It’s for sale now of course and set aside so it won’t change too much. It is the most beautiful place on this planet and I Read More

a little more…

With the circle- it begins! -we are not quite done sprucing the entire space up but we have decided out group is now master circle makers and should be available for parties and quirky business meetings. ” Incredibly accurate and well-spirited stone circles, Alwyas Fast and professional!” …okay so maybe you had to be there… Read More

Getting ready for Samhain

Ooh I’m so excited! We’ve prepared a new circle this year and really spruced up our meeting space and got covered in dust and dirt in the process but it’s going along wonderfully. I’m going to pick up my newly repaired camera today and I will drop by and take pictures. The dear Tuatha has Read More

Past and present

~Kitsune and Vymn, Sept 2008. stupidly happy to be back together~ THE PAST IS JUST THE PROLOGUE NOT THE STORY OF YOUR LIFE. put the blessed pen to paper and write the gift of the present. Free and clear. The song of the heartstrings, the really important things of life. Pain is a teacher but Read More