Month: June 2008


I model on a regular basis for an art school here in town. I do nude and clothed sessions and I really enjoy it. I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to model for. Yesterday I was asked to do a figure drawing class and during on of the session breaks an artist Read More


I’m so excited! Today I received my Inklings book from my favorite artist, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law. I stumbled upon her site when I was in college (nearly 7 years ago…yikes) and have loved her art ever since. I can’t wait for her Tarot deck to come out and I have several pieces of her work Read More


These are pictures of the altars or peices of protection/symbolism around my house. This is the altar outside my front door for the spirits and fairies. It faces east and helps welcome the sun each day and the bright spirits with it. There is a shed antler I found at our campsite for Beltaine, 2007, Read More

Purple and black cloak

I just finished this fabulous looking purple cotton and black satin ( I found another fabric I hate to sew but I love how it looks!) for my good friend from October’s End Ms. Maevyn. It was a pleasure to make this for her and it looks so wonderfully witchy! *wink* We are still looking Read More