Month: March 2008

An Cailín A bhfuil áilleacht an bhróin ina gnúis

A woman made beautiful by sorrow’s touch tears have smoothed her skin and colored her eyes blue with loneliness Night-time cries have given the song she sings a new tone The sorrow rests deep in her soul, and it’s bitter-sweetness flavors her un-given kisses. It dresses her silence, in tones of deep dead blue and Read More

I am silent in the wilderness

These last few months have been a time of quite, death and newness on all fronts. I’m learning how to listen despite my screaming monkey mind. I’m learning to appreciate the silence and be okay with not having responses to my constant questions. My relationship with the Gods has been one of watching silently. They Read More


So I am now single-handedly supporting my local bookstore since i need something to do while my husband is away having fun on his middle eastern vacation….HA! Today I bought: Her Hidden Children– by Chas S. Clifton …finally! I’m so excited to read this one! The greener shore – Morgan Llywelyn– this was a replacement Read More