Month: January 2008


**Edit #3** I still havne’t heard anything from my husband and the unit has had more casualties and injuries. I’m going to loose it soon I’m pretty sure. Someone from 2nd platoon called me today and said ” My husband just told me and I wanted to know if you are okay? ” NOT a Read More


There are three things that are never at rest in anyone: the heart in working, the breath in moving, and the soul in purposing. Three things in the world between which there is a wonderful difference: the faces of people, the utterances of people, and the writings of people. There are three from which it Read More

Divinity and life

” Remember that you and I took the journey together, to a place where there was no where left to go.” As part of my oblaire training I’ve set out with the intention of connecting more to the Goddess Brighid…through meditation and study each day. It is not by the means of normal methods that Read More