Month: December 2007

The Drawing

  A very good young friend of mine drew this for me. She softly asked me if I’d like a picture and what she could do to make me feel better (since I’d been crying) and what Vymn would want….and what she could do to help him. On the back are printed the words ” Read More

The present

As in the here and now…not gifts as in yule. ( I’m a grinch this far as christmas goes there will be none. i may do a bit of something for winter solstice but the “holidays” just tick me off this year so I’m refusing to be nice or cheerful about them) I am Read More

Gray dawn

He’s leaving this evening. Please if there are dear spirits or gods that will watch him and bring him home safe….hear my soul’s cry. If there are any dear spirits or gods left to intervene in these battles that keep us in the middle east, let them step forward now. If there is a way Read More