Month: November 2007

Cuisle mo Chroí

Pulse of my heart Heart of my yearning Yearning for my lovers kiss Kiss of my Life Life in your eyes Eyes I want not to say fair-well Well of my soul Solace I shall not find Until finding you again Again you and I will join hands Hands feeling life of love love of Read More

The Kitsune (pictures, lore and traditions)

I thought I would expound a little on my namesake and, even though I don’t really like the term, power animal…The fox. I’m not sure why humans feel the need to connect themselves and their spirit self to an animal. Some say that working with animal energies, either directly, or through imagery and symbolism, also Read More

Last night’s dream

I had a dream a sublimely beautiful pregnant woman was walking naked through a busy city park. No one seemed to notice or care and I watched her for some time. She sat on a merry-go-round. She rode it and was giggling and laughing. Humming to herself and suddenly the ride spun out of control Read More


Due to the large number of hits to my blog for a Ninjutsu Dojo in the Colorado Springs Area I’m posting this notice again. If you are looking for more information about our dojo please visit our website at or click on the page link ‘Ninjutsu’ on the right hand tool bar. “ Our Read More