Month: October 2007

Family found

Funny things happen around Samhain…This is kind of one of them. **My Oma and Opa on their wedding day on May 22, 1954 (still living)** Today, for the first time in my life I’ve seen pictures of my paternal grandfather’s parents. I learned I look nothing like my great grandmother Marie but I think she Read More

Samhain review

My Tuatha held our Samhain ritual last Friday night (the 26th). It was a nice ritual, very simple but it just didn’t have the same feeling as last year. Maybe it’s because I’ve already gone through a huge shift in my life with a new job, new house and being the provider of my husband Read More


I am a child of the Wildborn, Wild dirt on my feet and sunshine braided into my hair Fast feet that take me to the edge of wonder and dance me to the understanding that we are more that this simple body and mind. There is no one that can understand expect those that are Read More

The loss of sacred places

I am not referring to religiously sacred places in this post. I will mostly be referring to one place, my home in Western North Carolina and my paternal grandparent’s property adjacent to it that they are now selling the 165 acres they’ve owned for nearly 13 years……I am heartbroken. I’ve never experienced the feeling of Read More