Month: September 2007

Lunasa pictures (finally!)

A sweet, simple altar in our group space to Lugh Lamhfada to watch over our Lunasa celebrations. Me ready to walk up the hill to the site… complete with flower wreaths our Tuatha makes every year together, offerings of the first fruits of the Harvest, freshly baked homemade bread and flowers In celebration of the Read More

Sweet memories

I’ve been having really vivid dreams lately about the forest, about my family, about spirits, flying and fighting. There is something different about the textures and people and dialog in these dreams that was never there before. It seems more memories than dreams and most nights I am lucid in the dream but rarely does Read More

The season winds

It seems to be the shifts of the seasons affect me more and more each year as I try to attune myself more to the ebb and flow of the old year closes and Samhain draws near…I feel the need to realign myself with what is truly important. We’ve successfully moved into our new Read More

A real update

Ah yes the Fox has emerged from ‘neath the piles of boxes and newspaper and come back into a real world with a real house in the civilian world. ( well it’s an apartment really but it’s cool) After a wirlwind of help and multiple cars and friends we moved into our new place on Read More