Month: August 2007

Family update

Doing a little more family history digging and taking a break from packing (we are moving!!!) and I found this resource… even though it is a mormon history one it has stories and pictures of my Ashton Family ( mother’s parents) that are lovely to have. *below is pictured Edward Ashton born Aug 22, 1821 Read More

Celtic Music

Just thought I would list a few of my favorite Celtic/Celtic influences bands here…. Shooglenifty Kila (rather strange ecclectic band but really enjoyable. Very new) Peatbog Faeries (very mixed Celtic techno, if you will) Lunasa (slightly more traditional instrumental must but still very modern) Cherish the Ladies (traditional balads and instrumental pieces) Nickel Creek (an Read More

Am dam secht ndírend

“I am the stag of seven tines” or ” I am the bull of seven fights” **dam can either mean ox or bull as a stag… but Stag is what we will mostly focus on this time** Related to the calender dates of December 23 to January 20 The stag is often thought to be Read More