Month: July 2007

Am Tond Trethan

“I am a wave of the ocean” Alexei Kondratiev relates this line to the calander dates of November 26-December 23. Amergin claims the open water, the silent and powerful waves of the sea. “He claims the House of Tethra and the unknown deep world. That which is beyond the nine waves ( thar naoi dtonn) Read More

Gaelic animals post

I updated the post with some pronounciations and some Celtic animal lore to make things more interesting. Enjoy Read More

Harry Potter

I’d like to weigh in on the Harry Potter/ pagan issue. First I would like to preface this article by saying this: J.K. Rowling deserves all the praise and cheering in the world because she has inspired millions of people to READ. In a world where video games and movies rule common activities she has Read More

Raidió Na Gaeltachta

If you go here you can listen to Gaelic radio anytime. Even though I’m still new to the language I really enjoy listening and hearing the language used in common sense. Listening to a football (soccer) game was really a fun way to spend a Saturday morning. Read More

Am Fuaim Mara

“I am the noise of the sea.” or “I am the wind on the sea.” Alexei Kondratiev relates this line to the first full moon of the Celtic Year being between October 30th and November 25 . “The edge of the sea appealed powerfully to the Celtic imagination. It was a boundary between our world Read More

New project

I’ve decided to take a look at and comment on the famous poem that is known as “Amergin’s song” which follows. I am a wind on the sea I am a wave of the ocean I am the roar of the sea, I am a powerful ox, I am a hawk on a cliff, I Read More

Teamhair na Rí

THE HILL OF TARA archaeological complex, Ireland’s premier national monument and most sacred landscape, is under dire threat from imminent bisection by construction of the M3 motorway. Go here for more information and to sign the petition. It’s so mind boggling that people would actually want to go though with destroying Tara for a road……… Read More