Month: May 2007

yeah wilderness!

So the Tuatha is finally leaving for our (late) Beltaine camping trip tomorrow into the Colorado mountains until Sunday. I’ve been busy preparing oatcakes for offerings and baking bread for the trip. I’ve got a loaf of Caraway seed cake in the oven at the moment and I’m debating making soda bread for dinner. I’m Read More

Mundane Magic

So I posted this earlier on a forum I’m a member of (dunno for how long but *shrugs* ) Let’s see what ya’ll think….. Let’s see if this comes off right or not? hehe In the pagan community I’ve noticed the prevalence of a ‘problem’ so to speak. I think people feel that they need Read More

Clear(er) Skies

**All artwork in the following post is byWill Worthington and from The Druidcraft Tarot** So things are slowly working their way back into place here…I still don’t know what the final picture is going to look like but I tried to clear the fog today at work. I didn’t have a single customer come into Read More