Month: March 2007

Gaelic animals

  Since numerous hits for my blog have been off of searches concerning the gaelic names for Fox here are some semi-common animal name translations.**lore coming soon** Fox- Sionnach (shoonach) Eagle- Iolar(Yulir) Owl- Cailleach-oidhche (kalyach oiche) Crow- Caróg dubh or Raven-Bran (Bran) Falcon-fabhcún Wolf- Mac Tir, Faolchú or Foal (Foil) Horse- Each( Ech) Boar- Torc Read More


I realize I am addicted. I have a severe issue. It causes me to loose money, spent indeterminable amounts of time indoors with the blinds closed and actually causes a few health problems like poor eyesight and bad posture. I’m a book whore. I went to the library yesterday and only put 20 minutes into Read More

Au dtuigeann tú Gaeilge ?

Ah bhfuil…agat? – Can you speak….? Ah bhfuil gaeilge agat? ( Woh gaylig Cugat) – Can you speak Irish? Cad é na teangacha atá agat ? ( cajay nahchang hatagat) – Which langauges can you speak? Other langauges: Béarla-(bear lah) English Gaeilge- (gaylig) -Irish Gearmáinis – ( gaarmanish) German Fraincise- (frankish) French Iodáillis – (idolish) Read More


*more by this artst found here* ‘O Heart… Be free   Dear chest open up and let that heart fly!   Dear winged heart show love, be love, be free.   Let not the rain hinder, nor the clouds block your way   Be free and love the rain, love the dark hour.   Sweet Read More