Month: February 2007

Imbolc 2007

(above) Finn acting as our Brighid. contemplating the flame before she goes outside into the crisp imbolc night to be let into the home. With sunset Imbolc begins. Just before sunset every one attending is given a lustration to prepare them for the coming of Brighid. The hands, feet, and face are all washed with Read More

blah blah

I have to admit I’ve been pretty miserable today for no “good” reason. I have a lot on my mind really…mostly what I’m going to do with myself if my husband is deployed again and if I can mentally survive it. (which I seem to be having great doubts about and am considering just committing Read More

More on goddessness

(I know goddessness isn’t exactly a word too….Let me preface by saying I am exceptionally tired but I’d like to put a thought out there….) Women embodying divinity. Those women we know, those goddesses we love are incredibly powerful figures of inexplicable compassion and wisdom… As are the many gods we worships but there is Read More

Strange compliment

Today at work I was talking to the manager of another store nearby and she said the following: ” I just have to tell you something real quick….you told me before you were Mormon, well I was raised Mormon too…and now your pagan which totally fits you by the way you act.. I can see Read More

Lifting the fog

I had a strange experience walking back to work after getting lunch today. I walked down the stairs onto a terrace with a waterfall and trees and lots of tables for people to sit at I saw them all slowly fade away and all I could see was the trees and all I could hear Read More


I just hired a new person and work and ‘lo and behold he’s a heathen ( Norse to be exact). We had a quick discussion about our paths and how we got to where we are. I’m rather excited meeting another heathen/pagan that isn’t ‘fluffy’. (they have thier place…like maybe becoming a human pinata? j/k) Read More


On Sunday I woke up early to do a sunrise meditation with a few of my Tuatha. After I got over the way to early in the morning factor It was really very lovely. We went to a place called Garden of the Gods and watched the sunrise wash down the face of Pikes Peak. Read More