Month: January 2007


Wind of Eiriu, breathe my spirit Song of Banbha, remind my ears Hand of Foldla, warm my heart I am in great need of the love and my heart is heavy Dear ones of mist, goddesses of the land help bring peace to my heart. Read More


I am a child of the Wildborn, Wild dirt on my feet and sunshine braided into my hair Fast feet that take me to the edge of wonder and dance me to the understanding that we are more that this. There is no one that can understand expect those that are Wildborn. We are strange, Read More

Everbody was kung fu fighting *sings*

Well technically there will be no kung fu in sight…but my Ninjutsu Dojo is putting on a free demo on Jan 14th, 2007 at 2pm  at the Kashiwa Bujinkan Dojo. There will be a short lecture on the history and traditions of Ninjutsu and the students will demonstrate unarmed and armed techniques, acrobatics, fight scenarios, Read More

Heart lost in flame

**painting by Virgil Elliot** What was lost of our collective imaginations when the spoken word fell out of priority in our culture? Now everything is reduced to skin deep sound bits and PR gold mines. Dark winters where whittled away and colored with tales of heroes and gods, great loves and great battles. We were Read More

Buíochas le Brighid

This is taken from my Tuatha’s website because I need some support today. I’m headed to the Doctors office to be outfitted with a heart monitor to wear for 24 hours. I’ve been experiencing a strange flutter now and again and since we have ‘free’ unlimited health care at the moment we might as well Read More


**My mother’s 5 brothers and 6 sisters and her mother in June ’04** I got a strange desire to look up my family history today. Now… I grew up Mormon (LDS) so family history was always important and in the forefront of many discussions. The farthest I’ve gone was to my great great grandparents on Read More

More Gaelic

Since the holidays delayed my studies here is a bit more Irish Gaelic. Remember this is without the accent marks since I don’t know how to do that. Anyone that does please let me know.Enjoy. Background and Counting Ca as tu?(Cahs tu)- Where are you from? After giving your response you can as the same Read More