Month: November 2006

Morning Winter

The sun glistens off the fresh snow as the Snow sings winter’s song, A song of ethereal wonderment… Awonder of nature. Nature is now away, deep and fast As fast little Fae watch over her slumber leaving mortals a yule tide gift of warm hearths and warm hearts. Read More


So we didn’t really celebrate Thanksgiving on it’s traditional day this year and I personally, have never really cared for it much before now. So R and I went up to Steamboat Springs to meet his family and have an early t-giving with them since it was the first time they’ve seen him in 9 Read More

Book List

I’ve gotten greatly behind in my reading this past year and only begun to dig back into my library. Mostly this is due to the fact that my eyesight is getting pretty poor and concentrating on reading is hard to do when you feel like you are looking thru binoculars but one side is flipped. Read More


-This is from my Tuatha’s website. For those that don’t know Tuatha means tribe or family in Gaelic and when I say it I mean both my husband and I and my close circle of friends. I figured it would be a good post this morning since I am working on making this practice a Read More

So it begins….

I am many things, none of which can be expressed here but the things I do can be expressed here and that will provide some hint of who I am…not that this matters much to anyone but me. The goals of this blog ( 1 of 6 I’ve started and stopped and randomly deleted) is Read More