Month: April 2006


As one who wields the light I AM a peaceful, powerful, passionate, loving spirit being of Light. I have choosen this life at this time to fulfill my purpose in this life, which is to inspire passionate love in all creatures, inspire others into complete consciousness by living and remembering my divine nature. This world Read More

strange poem

The unsaid moments, the quite times is when the arrow flies the swiftest and buries itself deep into the heart of my emotional body. the unknown outcome of speaking the truth…build or ruin in total complexity. – i scribbled this down in the middle of a really bad day trip. wonder what it was supposed Read More


Vymn left for Iraq again this morning….early. It think it was harder on me this time than the last….becuase this time i know exactly what he is going back to. There was a certain comfort in the unknown the first half. If there are any good spirits out there hear my plea…keep him safe, bring Read More