I haven’t been meditating these past few days because I had a medical procedure completed on the 16th and have been doing my best to go to work and move around the pain. It’s better today so I think I will have some time to meditate before I head to work this afternoon.

I’ve also decided to ditch Facebook as a way of communication for a variety of reasons and return to blogging so you will see a lot more posts in the Wildly Mundane category, which I think will be good for me to form more complete and complex thoughts on subjects as well as let ya’ll in on more of my life, not that it is terribly exciting but I will be here more often after January. For those of you that are finding this post from Facebook you will be allowed a look into the pagan side of my life, much more than you get in real life since I tend to be more private about my thoughts and dealings but since this is also the home of my ADF journal you are given access to it.

I ask that it be met with respect (not compliance or silence)  if you happen not to agree. I am glad you want to continue to be a part of my life here in the blogging world.


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