The Star from the Shadowscapes Tarot

The Star

Card: The Star

Art: A woman in a white dress walking on water, with large yellow carp fish below her and rising above her as she gestures to the right. a brilliant large star above her head. Blues and purples throughout the picture…

Impression: I must admit I’m a bit lost on this one. there seems to be some disconnection between the woman, even though she’s receiving a touch from the divine ( the skies seem to flow into her) the fish are, frankly like “wtf” *wink* the card seems a bit off…..I do the impressions btw without looking at the book interpretation or worrying about what i already know about the card, if anything sooo…

Book interpretation: “let loose doubts and fears into the night. the stars will guide you home…a card of peace, hope, serenity even among chaos. There is only the non-judgmental eyes of the stars. Peace might be a while coming but it will come, as it always does.”

Commentary: Again with the “True power” cards. Things are not always what they first appear to me apparently. Sometimes serenity looks like passivity to me, compassion looks like weakness….This card seems to suggest be what your heart and steady feet tell you. if you let go a little you can see true brilliance. A chat handle I used to go by was Crimson Star…. a guiding, breathtaking celestial object. (not saying i am one.)

Message for the day: Walk with purpose. The path you are on is leading to peace.

Action for the day: Speak with your heart. Your passion for Truth is your guiding light.

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