Cleansing Ritual

Dear spirits of our hearts, gods and goddesses that guide our lives, we ask for your blessing on this our  cleansing ceremony. The sun and moon and stars above us, the earth and underworld beneath us, the directions before us, behind us, to our left and right and we are centered. With love, wisdom, and … [Read more…]

Are you listening?

Notice. Be aware. What is happening in your heart? If you can’t notice that then what is happening in your body? If you can’t notice that or “nothing is wrong” then where are you physically? Are you in Montana? Main street? What does it mean to notice and see life? We only get one chance … [Read more…]

The power of self

Our brains are an amazing thing. The body’s job is to stay alive, through unbeleivable circumstances the body will move muscles to become more dominant to compensate for weaker or injured ones. Nature is much the same way in that it will continue, always seeking equilibrium. I had the opportunity to visit yellowstone and be … [Read more…]

Mindfullness without possession

This morning I was in charge of group meditation. It’s been a long time since I led a meditation, probably years. I  was assigned a reading about awareness and it said “Awareness is seeing the discovery of mindfullness. We do not have to dispose of or keep the contents of the mind.” The Song of … [Read more…]


My understanding of practices of grounding, centering and presence in my life is pretty comprehensive. I’ve spent nearly a decade inside the pagan religion and using meditation as a way to enter into aware states of consciousness so as to connect with nature and the spirits around me. The moment I take outside the door … [Read more…]

Military Spouse Triggered

What is posted below is an attempt to process a very unexpected, unknown trigger to the trauma I experienced as a supporting military spouse.  History: My husband was in the military for 8 years. We were married in 2004, he was in the reserves. He joined active duty in 2005 and was deployed 2005-2006 and … [Read more…]

piles of books

When I was first looking into massage school I used to wonder why I didn’t see any student massage blogs….with 138 days left in my own education I now know why! There are literally not enough hours in the day between homework, trades, and studying to think about anything but learning the information….if you are … [Read more…]

A note about Massage Therapy

I was asked to give an interview about my experience at school so far. Here are my answers 🙂 1. Your first name and the program you’re in at Health Works. My name is Kassie and I am a Massage Therapy student 2. What excites you most about pursuing a career in massage therapy? I’ve always … [Read more…]


I have started on my yearly internet fast, which gets more difficult each year due to the insane amount of time we are supposed to spend on the computer. School, social, and organizations duties keep me checking at the very least, email once a day. Learning to be alone is a process but an important … [Read more…]

Message from the Universe

If it’s not yet obvious to you, the real reason for this, and all seasons, is you, Kassie. A more perfect child of the Universe has never lived. Until now, only celebrations cloaked in myth and mystery could hint at your divine heritage and sacred destiny. You are life’s prayer of becoming and its answer. … [Read more…]